Belly Bandit® Upsie Belly®

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Our popular Upsie Belly® was designed to lift your belly, support your back, and stabilize your pelvic area

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Belly Bandit® Upsie Belly®

There’s nothing more exciting than the journey to motherhood. But the strain of pregnancy on your body and back? Not so exciting. That’s why we created the Upsie Belly® pregnancy support band to provide belly and back support where and when you need it most.

  • Ultra-soft viscose from bamboo fabric
  • SecureStretchTM molds to your body
  • 12” of adjustability with our anti-dig closure
  • Hot/cold gel pack fits neatly into the back pocket
  • Our popular Upsie Belly® was designed to lift your belly, support your back, and stabilize your pelvic area, which can help:
  • Ease back aches by redistributing belly weight and reducing the strain on your back muscles
  • Soothe an aching back with included hot/cold gel pack
  • Alleviate pelvic pain by limiting the mobility of your pelvic joints
  • Belly Bandit® Upsie Belly® Relieve pressure on your bladder
  • Belly Bandit® Upsie Belly® Increase postural stability, which can weaken during pregnancy as your center of gravity shifts
  • Reduce discomfort during exercise



Belly Bandit

“Here, let me get that for you.” The stock boy grabbed the bag from the top shelf. “After all, you’re pregnant.” Lori Caden was actually a few weeks post-pregnant and was struggling to regain her pre-baby body. Armed with an abundance of empathy, enter her sisters Jodi and Kari with a timeless and beautiful truth: “from the moment a woman learns she’s expecting, she starts to nurture her baby-to-be,” they observed. “But who’s there to nurture the mother?” That question led to the birth of Belly Bandit – a diverse collection of maternity and post-pregnancy essentials created to make women look and feel their absolute best. With designs that help speed recovery, aid in healing, and provide much needed support, Belly Bandit’s solution-based products are an essential part of a woman’s maternity journey. Jodi, Lori, and Kari have grown Belly Bandit over the past 10 years into the top post-pregnancy shapewear collection recommended by physicians, nurses, doulas, and of course – new moms. Their Los Angeles-based office now hosts a “family” of 24 employees.

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