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The O-Babystore’s Ultimate Baby Shower Gift Guide

A Baby shower is filled with plenty of excitement, fun games and lots and lots of gifts.  But finding the perfect baby shower gift could be quite challenging. Especially if you are not a parent yourself, you probably don’t know where to start looking or what to consider. 

Registry lists can be a great help, but what if there isn’t a registry, or what if you’d like to surprise the mom-to-be with something thoughtful of different that isn’t on the list?

Whether you’re shopping for a baby shower gift for a mom-to-be or for yourself as an expecting mom who needs a few ideas for their own baby shower registry, we have some awesome picks for you and they are all available at The O-Babystore!

Diaper Bag

This one in probably the most obvious as it’s the number 1 piece of gear that parents use but nailing it can be tough! Think about all of the new items new parents now need to carry – nappies, wipes, bum cream, bottles… the list goes on. The goal is to find a bag that can carry it all without being too much of a hassle to carry around.  We have just what any mommy would dream of having as their diaper bag.  Find our list of diaper bags here.

Baby Bottle and Food Warmer

Parents can evenly heat up milk or food when they need it with genius warmers like these.  There is even one that can be used when traveling. View the Bottle and Food warmers here.

Baby Monitor

Hands down, one of the best baby gifts ever.  Many parents (not just the new ones) tend to experience anxiety and worry around things like the fear of their baby stop breathing or SIDS.  These cool gadgets will set parents mind at ease.  View monitors here.

Breast Pump

If the new mommy is planning on breastfeeding, she’ll definitely be grateful for one of these to express. Find a variety of Breast Pumps here.

Pod or Docking Station

When you need to keep an eye on the little one but also need to get other stuff done, this little docking station, which keeps babies comfy but confined, is the perfect solution. See options here.

Digital Thermometer

This is not just a great idea for a gift but an absolute baby necessity.  Digital Thermometers are so cool baby’s temperature can be checked while sleeping without them even knowing.  Find a Digital Thermometer here.

Baby Bath

Help make bath time seamless with one of these award-winning portable baby bath tubs.


Whether it is an electric or microwave sterilizer – This is a necessity!! See options here.

Leather Nappy Wallet

For a new mom, “quick trip to the shop” is no longer a thing. When she needs to step out but also needs to keep all the diaper bag essentials close by just in case, she’ll appreciate having this Nappy Wallet on hand. See options here.


Reusable Diapers

Eco-friendly, durable and so adorable. These reusable nappies will definitely save the new parents money by not having to buy new diapers each month. See range here.


From Musical Soft toys to Sleep Trainers and Educational toys. These are amazing gifts that mom will be so grateful for and baby will love. Browse toys here.

Wipes and Creams

Baby essentials are always a winner when it comes to choosing what to buy the new parents. Choose organic! See Eco-Friendly and Organic products here.

Hooded Towels and Robes

Super soft and snuggly towels are the way to go. Hooded towels are best to wrap a tiny baby in after bath time. The robes are amazing for when baby is a bit older. Find all Towels and Robes here.

Changing Station necessities and accessories

New parents will go through a lot of different swaddles they find “The One”.  Make the choice easy for them with one of these beautiful swaddles. They can even be used as a wrap by mama on the beach. different patterns here.

Newborn Gift Sets and Baby Clothing

It could be argued that babies don’t really need all those cute outfits. But, come on!! Who can resist these adorable onesies and outfits? Find cute as well as super cool baby clothing here.

Woven Floor Mat

Plush woven floor mat’s can be used as decor or a play mat, changing mat and play area for a baby- Any mom would love this. View sizes and colour options here.

Changing Station necessities and accessories

From a Change Mat to funky Change Mat covers, Dingle Dangle Toys and Bins – Every nursery needs them and the mommy-to-be will adore them. Browse through changing station goods here.

Prints and Nursery Decorative Items

If the new mommy doesn’t have these yet, she’ll definitely want them. Find out that the theme of the nursery is and surprise the new mom one a set of beautiful prints. View nursery decor category here.

Moses Basket

How cute is this Moses Basket? Carry baby easily with the two handles or set the basket into it’s frame to rock the little one gently to sleep. Perfect for any new mom and baby. See different options here.

Blankets with a personalized touch

You can never have too many blankies. Order a special personalized one here.

Baby Carrier

As much as the new parents will love holding their new baby, they’ll get equally exhausted by it. This wearable carrier keeps baby close so mom or dad has their hands free. Find carriers here.

Dummy Clip with Teething Beads

Once the baby starts dropping (and throwing) everything, the new parents will be glad to have one of these to keep dummies from landing on the floor and they are great for itchy gums too. See all Dummy Clips here.

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