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Bump Report – We’ve reached 32 weeks my beautiful petal

Hi Baby,

We’ve reached 32 weeks my beautiful petal!!  You’re coming in hot at around 1.6kg and measure about 40 cm – which would explain why mommy started to waddle .. haha!!  You still have to gain allot of weight, about double what you weigh now. Your tiny toenails and fingernails are now fully formed.  Your eyelashes and eyebrows are complete too … WOW!!  How AMAZING!!!

It sometimes feels like we are in the first trimester again, I’m so tired (all the time), I’m hungry (all the time) and my body really feels weird at times.  Things have started to get uncomfortable and somewhat painful, but I’ll hang in there don’t worry.  Daddy helps allot by massaging mommy’s back too. Only a few more weeks left, now for the final stretch.  I’m sooooo excited to finally meet you my angel.  To see your beautiful face and perfect fingers and toes for the first time.  To snuggle up and kiss you .. I just can’t wait!  We will be meeting with the doctor next week and I’m hoping he will give us a date or even an indication on when the wait will finally be over.

Daddy and I have been so busy getting everything ready for you.  Your room is about 90% complete and it really looks beautiful and perfect for a little princess like you.  Mommy packed all your clothes in your freshly painted cupboard, we just need to give them a quick wash and they too will be ready.  Daddy says you have enough clothes until your 18 .. haha you really have been so spoiled with the cutest outfits and I can’t wait to play dress-up with you. Daddy surprised mommy with the sweetest baby-grow for you, it is going to be the first one you wear. It is white with “x’s” and “o’s” all over, which is great as you will be receiving allot of hugs and kisses.

Feeling you kick and move is probably one of my favourite parts of being pregnant.  I love feeling you get bigger and stronger every day.  And giiiiirl your kicks are getting really strong. Sometimes it surprises me and doesn’t feel great when it’s straight to the ribs.  Who knew a tiny foot’s karate kick can hurt so much? Maybe you’ll end up being a star athlete—I know daddy would love that!

Grow strong my angel – only a few weeks left!!

We love you.



Some key points this week:

How far along are we: 32 weeks

How big are you: the size of a cabbage or puppy

Gender: Girl

Symptoms:  HEARTBURN!!!!!  Oh my, almost every day.  My back and hips hurt quite a bit.  I get a headache now and then.  Still get a stuffy nose.

Sleep: Even though I’m tired all the time, I still battle to fall asleep at night and I’m awake quite often.

Maternity clothes:  Oh yeah .. nothing really fits anymore.  I like to keep it comfy in tights and a big shirt and slippers and when we go to town I will try and dress up a little with whatever still fits.  I can’t wait for summer, to wear nice maternity dresses.

Stretch marks: No.

Belly Button: Partially in .. haha .. yes – It popped halfway.

Food cravings: Chocolate. Chocolate. Chocolate and CHOCOLATE!!!! Ice cream and more chocolate!

Movement: All the time.

What I’m looking forward to: Meeting with the doctor next week for a check-up.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: That you will continue to grow safely and develop into a strong and healthy baby girl – only a few more weeks left. That this pandemic will end soon and that we will remain safe from it.

What I miss: Laying on my tum-tum, biltong … mmmm .. chillibites, blue cheese and still craving gin now and then.

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