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Bump Report-I bet you have a beautiful smile

Hi Baby,

Unbelievably we are 27 weeks pregnant!! WOW!! 

I’ve said it a few times but it’s true, this pregnancy is going by so quickly.  Before we know it we will not be daydreaming about you but actually be holding you in our arms. ❤️

️ We just can’t wait my petal.  For this last stretch I really want to try and soak it all in, every kick, every wiggle and every change.  I’m extremely nervous about the delivery as we don’t know what conditions to expect with this pandemic. I pray that things will be better by that time.

Things are starting to get uncomfortable, I can’t really bend over easily anymore and everything feels a little squished inside, my tumtum just blew up (what feels like) overnight – haha, and this is only the beginning of the roly-poly stage.  Body aches and growing pains and my back – oh my back … my back is really sore most days.  Body aches and growing pains.  I really enjoy looooong, warm baths to help soothe the aches and pains and to soak up some magnesium, this has been helping allot.   It’s also my extra bonding time with you and it seems that you enjoy it too, you are so active during my bath time.  I know it’s starting to get a little cramped for you inside because what was once tiny flutters and kicks are now very distinctive movements and my whole tumtum moves when you do, even the bathwater does – This is great because you have started to develop muscle tone from all the kicking, stretching, rolling and punching.

You almost weigh a full 1kg and you are about 37 cm ❤️and according to the pregnancy app, you are the size of a cabbage.  AND .. you are starting to smile .. awwww – I bet you have a beautiful smile ❤️Your eyelids can open too; you can see lights and shadows around you – oh how you have grown little girl.  At this point you look like a fully formed little baby human, only smaller.

Since you can hear, I started playing you classical music – the experts say that it is really good for you and brain development.  It calms and stimulates you.  If it’s good for you, I am definitely going to continue doing it – anything that can benefit you in anyway is worth it.

Giiiiirl you are so spoilt already!!  Both your grannies, great granny and “next door granny” all have been showering you with gifts bought and handmade – your daddy too ❤️

️ I am so grateful for everyone making themselves part of your life already, loving you and the spoils.  Everyone is counting down the time to meet you my angel – we just can’t wait!!

Grow strong my angel – We love you so much.



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