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Bump Report – You are perfect my little petal

Hi Baby,

I saw you for the first time since the last time you were just a tiny spec on the screen.

YOU’RE A GIRL 🌸 – I knew it!!

My heart .. to see you .. your tiny feet, your hands, your perfect shape .. I was in awe! You are perfect my little petal .. strong and healthy.  How you’ve grown too – you weigh 430g and your feet are 4cm.  Daddy could not join in this spectacular experience because of the virus but don’t worry, I recorded it.  We both starred in admiration at the recordings and sonar photo’s of you.  I truly believe you are going to be a real “daddy’s little girl” – you should see how daddy’s face lights up when he talks about you and to you ❤️ And I absolutely don’t mind it, I know he will protect you with his life and be a great daddy to you.  I know that you can hear us, and I know you will eventually recognize our voices, but when you hear your daddy, little girl .. you get excited and kick mommy like crazy – I love it ❤️

Now, even more than ever I just cannot wait to meet you .. to hold you, to kiss your soft nose and just stare at you.  I promise to teach you to be kind and humble, I promise to listen to you and support you, encourage and guide.  I promise for a fresh start every day.  Let you be your own person .. I promise you my presence, patience and unconditional love always.  I love you so much.

Grow strong my angel – We love you so much.



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