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Bump Report – We are Halfway

Hi Baby,

20 going on 21 weeks … WOW!!  We are halfway 😊 You are getting BIG!!

You are about 25 cm in length and weigh around 300g-350g (we baked some biscuits last week and even the amount of butter I used in the recipe weighs more than you) – You officially look like a tiny human, now for the fattening up and allot more growing.  Oh and your inner ear is fully developed too, so you will start to hear .. which is amazing as daddy and I often talk to you.  You are so active, this makes mommy happy, an active baby is a healthy baby.  I feel you during the day, but you do most of your acrobatics at night.  So, I take it as you keeping me company when insomnia strikes. I can feel you getting stronger and stronger.

I read that once I hit the second trimester, I will feel more energised and more like myself .. Well it has been a huge improvement but not really.  Some symptoms are what you might expect being pregnant. I get tired all the time (and yes, I still battle to shut off and sleep at night), I have a superpower sense of smell and get a stuffy nose often, my stretching tum-tum is itchy sometimes and the heartburn .. Oh honey the heartburn – I have never experienced anything like it.  I never used to get heartburn, only maybe 5 times when we were expecting your brother, but with you .. almost every day.  My back hurts almost every day, my hips and thighs are starting to hurt too.  But hey, there are some amazing things happening too, my hair is growing extremely fast and I have the “glow” but more important is that you are healthy and growing so fast and stronger day by day.  I often stare  and rub my tum-tum in our big mirror and flash daddy with a glimpse of it too (I’m lying, this happens allot).  Its like this tummy is bigger and bigger everyday and it happened so quick.   I still fit in my good jeans but they cant close .. at all .. haha!!

We chose a colour scheme for your room, its natural but oh so beautiful.  Since we don’t know what you are yet, we thought that it would be nice to go for a more natural theme.  We started with slowly setting up everything in your room too.  By the way, so-far it is said that you are a girl – one more week till our next appointments, so hopefully we can confirm your gender soon.  Whether you are a girl or a boy, I can’t wait to meet you my little one ❤

Grow strong my angel – We love you so much.



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