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Bump Report – 16 Weeks

Hi Baby!

I woke up with nothing but love in my heart this morning knowing that today marks 16 weeks of you growing in mommies tum-tum.  You are 40% of the way there, the size of an avo and about 12cm long (aww).

While writing this, I’m choking up, I know, hormones! Yes, but its more than that.  I’m so happy that you are healthy and on the way.  I pray every day, that you will continue to form perfectly and grow strong and healthy. 

I often daydream about you – okay, more than often 🙂 – I try and picture you – even though we don’t know if we have been blessed with a baby girl or boy, daddy and I both think that you are a girl.  Not that it would matter, we are just so grateful for you and just can’t wait to see your beautiful face when we meet for the first time.  We have an appointment at mommies’ doctor within a few weeks and hopefully you will show us what you are.

Daddy and I have been writing down names as we come across possible choices for you – don’t worry, we will pick something special for you – I promise. 

Being pregnant with you has been completely different than to when mommy was expecting your big brother – maybe it’s because we found out sooner with you and I have had time to fully experience the first trimester – I don’t know.  Things have really improved since we entered the second trimester though.

Grow strong my angel – We love you so much.



Some key points this week:

How far along: 16 weeks

How big are you: the size of an avocado

Gender: Unknown – we think probably a girl

Symptoms:  Headaches now and then.  A stuffy nose. Feeling much more energy compared to previous weeks.  Eugh .. Heartburn (much more compared to when I was expecting your brother) Itchy skin.

Sleep: Sleep is better than last week, some nights I only fall asleep after 12:00 and I get up a few times to pee.  My dreams are insane.

Maternity clothes:  I went and did a little shopping in grandma Lien’s closet when I last visited to help pump up my maternity wardrobe (she has always bought big shirts even though she is built tiny) and I still have a few nice tops and dresses from our previous pregnancy. I enjoy wearing lose and flowy tops.  I think it’s safe to say that I look pregnant – way pregnant. 

Stretch marks: No.

Belly Button: In.

Food cravings: Tomato and Cucumber salad with brown vinegar, salt and vinegar chips

Movement: I have been feeling a lil flutter here and there since last week – especially when I’m in the bath or lay on my side – I love it – maybe its not you but I like to think that it is <3

Best Moment of the Week: Today so far <3 and every time daddy kisses my tum-tum and says “hi” to you.

Worst Moment of the Week: None.

What I’m looking forward to: Hearing your heartbeat for a first time and finding out if you are a boy or a girl.

What I’m nervous about/praying for: That you will continue to grow safely and develop into a strong and healthy baby.  That this pandemic will end soon (COVID-19)

What I miss: Nothing in particular – only blue cheese sometimes and I craved some gin the other day (haha)

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