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Product Review: Oh-Lief Tummy Wax

I enjoy my growing bump!  Stretching and itchy skin – not so much.

With my first pregnancy, I turned to the trusted tissue oil to rub on my tummy, thighs, bum and breasts to help with the itchy stretching skin as and I didn’t want stretch marks.  Yes, I had one here and there from growing up but I wanted to prevent getting any more as far as possible.  Looking back, I was satisfied with the results of the tissue oil as I barely got any stretch marks – Lucky right?  Yes, maybe but I have always moisturised my skin on a daily basis so I don’t know that also maybe aided to the results.  The human body truly is amazing, how can our bodies stretch so much and house a little tiny human and then return to what is your new “normal” body? 

Now, being pregnant again, I decided to go for a more natural and organic root when it comes to my care and also for baby, once the little one is born.  I found that I was blessed with all of the weird pregnancy symptoms, I say blessed because even though the random allergies and rashes were bad, I did not have the common morning sickness – which I feel is a bonus.  My skin is extremely sensitive, not just my tummy and the stretching bits, my legs, arms and back too. 

I started using the Natural Olive Tummy Wax from Oh-Lief – a blend of certified organic and 100% natural ingredients one of which is olive oil (I read that it’s a turbo charged moisturiser and it really is) Because of the natural bees wax, it is has a balm like texture and it melts into the skin, you don’t need much and it does not require much rubbing either.  Oh-Lief suggest to apply twice daily, and I most probably will eventually, but for now at weeks I feel that once a day is enough as I feel soft (really soft) and moisturised all day.  I used it on my entire body and it really helped with my skin irritation and sensitivity.

I have been raving about this product to my friends and family and will be using it as a nipple balm when breastfeeding when little one has arrived and, on my tummy, thighs and bum too as it promotes elasticity (Bonus!!) and I simply just love the softness of my skin after using it.

Maxine Fourie

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